About Us

About Us

The Light Shop 45 years ago, began with the development of architecture, decorative lights were in place to provide the designers and engineers had become concerned with the presence of abundant light and architectural services, the establishment Little by little become the presence of passionate architects, engineers and designers to come and today we honor the service of two generations have had. 

Our distant days of consulting engineers and lighting specialists, gives us existing knowledge and understanding of the science of architecture, color, space and size able to provide accurate advice and design principles are lighting. At different times according to the demands of existing import policy changes to be confronted with the light, for example, because once representative Brands Targetti - Concord - Staff-Erco become the group with nine powerful factories. 


Some services and products of Light are as follows: 

Pendent and wall lights: 

Lights in chandeliers and wall and ceiling to create warm atmosphere at home, the best we have attempted to collect such Chandeliers crystal types in different sizes with the ability to remote control lamps using advanced technology. 

Solar System: 
continuous concern for humans, optimal use of all energy resources and with regard to being costly and fossil energies to being completed, a new trend towards the use of new technology in solar energy worldwide is growing, we also attempted custodians of gathering and preparing Solar Panel design for any space inside or outside using the solar panels and hopes to optimal use of the green energy.

LED lights:
The light diodes are given intense reflection of light coming into thermal energy created and given long life and low energy consumption, as their low consumption lamps and longevity have made. Types of built-ceiling lights, special lighting projectors, lights for space and low altitude to the parquet and strip lights (SMD LED) Light of the series is interesting and dynamic. 

Office lights and ceiling lights:
Office lights and ceiling lights, for various railway lamps consume less comfortable with the possibility of replacement bulbs, for office environments, considering the minimum cost of maintenance and rail lights for various commercial and office spaces. 

Out Door lights:
Aluminum Out Door lights, lights in various designs and sizes for use in creating space and light and various capacities and types of special lamps for projects, lighting park and water views & …